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1 Whose long peace was shat­tered in 1922 by Howard Carter? (12) 8 What is an es­tate agent called in the US? (6) 9 The Me­seta is a great cen­tral plateau of which coun­try? (5)

10 Who is Ir­ish singer Eithne Ní Bhraonáin bet­ter known as? (4)

11 What ed­i­ble stalks have poi­sonous leaves due to ox­alic acid in them? (7)

12 What is a strongly al­ka­line so­lu­tion, es­pe­cially of potas­sium hy­drox­ide called? (3) 13 What is the cap­i­tal of Western Samoa? (4) 15 What hard durable tim­ber is much used in ship­build­ing? (4) 17 Thir­teen popes were named what? (3) 19 What is a solemn pro­ces­sion, es­pe­cially for a fu­neral? (7)

20 In horse-mea­sur­ing, how many inches make a hand? (4)

23 Which no­madic peo­ple herd their cat­tle in Kenya and Tan­za­nia? (5)

24 De­spite pop­u­lar be­lief, the writer of the song “I’ll Take You Home Again, Kath­leen” pined for which coun­try? (7)

25 What word from French de­scribes man­ual dex­ter­ity when per­form­ing con­jur­ing tricks? (12)


1 Soup might be served from what large deep dish? (6) 2 Which cy­clone de­stroyed two thirds of Dar­win in 1974? (5) 3 Which de­fence al­liance was formed in April 1949? (4) 4 Which African city was for­merly called Sal­is­bury? (6) 5 Which fast, light de Hav­il­land bomber of WWII was made al­most en­tirely of wood? (8) 6 Which fa­mous falls are on the Canada-US bor­der? (7) 7 Which is the only ma­jor Euro­pean river flow­ing from west to east? (6)

12 What slen­der del­i­cate in­sect with large clear mem­bra­nous wings is a preda­tor of aphids? (8)

14 The name of what light um­brella comes from Ital­ian for “pro­tect- ing against” and “sun”? (7) 16 What is an­other name for Nor­way lob­sters? (6) 17 What is a book of fi­nan­cial ac­counts? (6) 18 What stick of coloured wax is used for draw­ing? (6) 21 Which nov­el­ist (John __) wrote But­ter­field 8 and Pal Joey? (5)

22 What soft-ripened cow’s milk cheese takes its name from a re­gion of north­ern France? (4)

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