A ma­jor­ity say yes to cam­eras

Isis Town and Country - - Kolan News - By JODIE DIXON

LAST week’s ar­ti­cle about Gin Gin want­ing fixed speed cam­eras in­stalled was a huge draw card on so­cial me­dia. An on­line poll was con­ducted and the re­sults re­vealed 57 per­cent said Yes to hav­ing cam­eras in­stalled. On­line com­ments:

Richard So­ley: Lol. Speed cam­eras don’t do any­thing. Just a rev­enue raiser. Put signs up say­ing 24hr speed cam­era ahead and a let­ter box on a pole. It’s a lot cheaper.

Speed cam­eras aren’t a de­ter­rent as most driv­ers on a na­tional high­way prob­a­bly won’t come back through to re­mem­ber to slow down.

Steve Howard: All you need is a pic­ture of a cop car on a bill­board...... I reckon 98% of peo­ple would

in­stantly check their speed when they seen that! Most peo­ple don’t no­tice fixed cam­eras un­til they get the pic in the mail, which has no ef­fect on their speed at the time!

David Ace Cham­bers :It should be a no brainer that if it’s a safety is­sue and a no­to­ri­ous blackspot then put in fixed cam­eras.

Lots cheaper than pay­ing some plod to sit there in their car eating donuts and point­ing the gun. Let them go catch some real crim­i­nals.

That’s how I’d pre­fer to have my tax money spent.

I don’t know why there are not more highly vis­i­ble cam­eras with lots of signs. Its pretty much guar­an­teed to fix the is­sue.

I do think our lo­cal QLD plod pre­fer to be hid­ing in the bushes or be­hind bins point­ing their cam­eras ev­ery so of­ten though...

Mer­ryn Ridout: Peo­ple get use to where cam­eras are. They slow down for them then speed again when they have gone through

Karyn Anne Wastie: About time they took our safety se­ri­ously. Thumbs up.

Kelly N Blakey: I don’t see what the big deal is about hav­ing them. Those who don’t speed through town won’t have a prob­lem with it

Luke Wat­son: It’s the na­tional high­way 50kmh is a joke they should by­pass the town

Candice Faul: Trucks are the big­gest worry! They bore through town do­ing at least 70 in 50 zone.


FIXED CAM­ERAS: Gin Gin res­i­dents sup­port the idea of in­stalling cam­eras to slow driv­ers down.

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