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1/7 Au­drey Hep­burn turned down the lead in which ma­jor 1961 film be­cause she was preg­nant? (4,4,5) 8 Which for­mer cap­i­tal is the chief city of south­ern Morocco? (9) 9 What unit of mea­sure­ment equals one thou­sandth of an inch? (3) 10 What is the back of your neck called? (4) 11 What English dance is tra­di­tion­ally per­formed by men wear­ing cos­tumes and bells? (6) 13 Which sim­ple tun­ing tune is played by all ukulele own­ers? (2,3,3,5) 15 What words pre­cede Margery Daw in a rhyme? (3,3) 16 In what units is elec­tri­cal re­sis­tance mea­sured? (4) 18 What word can be pre­ceded by side, stiff and strong? (3) 20 Which in­ter­na­tional or­gan­i­sa­tion re­sulted from a meet­ing of busi­ness­men in Chicago in 1917? (5,4) 21 What is the name of the small anvil-shaped bone in the middle ear? (5) 22 Which city is the seat of the In­ter­na­tional Olympic Com­mit­tee? (8)


1 “Ev­ery­one knows Kent – ap­ples, cher­ries, hops and ____.” – (Dick­ens, Pick­wick Pa­pers) 2 What can­vas pat­tern do you as­so­ciate with Punch and Judy show booths? (7) 3 What im­pure residue forms dur­ing the smelt­ing or refining of ore? (4) 4 Which foot­baller led Ar­gentina to its World Cup ti­tle in 1986? (5,8) 5 In old Eng­land, a de­coc­tion of holly leaves was used to rid the body of what? (5) 6 In Greek mythol­ogy, which gi­ants had one enor­mous eye in the middle of the fore­head? (7) 7 John Wayne played what in the 1959 film western Rio Bravo? (7) 12 Who wrote the novel The Is­land of Dr Moreau? (1,1,5) 13 What kills 3000 African chil­dren ev­ery day? (7) 14 What French word for lad­der rung is used to de­scribe a level of com­mand or re­spon­si­bil­ity? (7) 15 What loose cover­all is worn to pro­tect clothes? (5) 17 The fur of what an­i­mal is used in fine paint brushes? (5) 19 What is the Thames River called at Ox­ford? (4)

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