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1&8 across. From the late 1960s on­ward, which fa­mous French­man was of­ten seen on TV wear­ing his trade­mark red woollen hat? (7,8) 4 What toaster in­no­va­tion did Amer­i­can Charles P Strite pa­tent in 1921? (3-2) 7 From what part of a sheep is lano­lin ex­tracted? (4) 8 See 1 across 10 In folk­lore, who fought with Robin Hood with quar­ter­staffs on a bridge? (6,4) 12 What was the na­tion­al­ity of King Canute? (6) 13 Which model of Chevro­let car has sold over 12 mil­lion since 1958? (6) 15 Whose novel The Thirty-Nine Steps was made into a film by Al­fred Hitch­cock in 1935? (4,6) 18 What opium-based painkiller was used by Queen Vic­to­ria? (8) 19 Yves Saint Lau­rent be­came head de­signer of which fash­ion house in 1957 when the prin­ci­pal died? (4) 20 What is can­dyfloss made from? (5) 21 What is pasta in sheets or wide strips? (7)


1 Pieces Of You was the 1995 de­but al­bum of which Amer­i­can fe­male singer? (5) 2 What are small pieces of toasted bread served in soup? (8) 3 What is the cap­i­tal city of Mace­do­nia? (6) 4 What word from Latin de­scribes some­thing hap­pen­ing af­ter one’s death? (10) 5 On an en­gi­neer’s ham­mer, what is the rounded or wedge-shaped face op­po­site the flat strik­ing face? (4) 6 Which for­mer king­dom and state in Ger­many was abol­ished af­ter WWII? (7) 9 What large rep­tile of the Me­so­zoic era with a broad flat body and large pad­dle-like limbs lived in the sea? (10) 11 In which sport do en­trants com­pete for the Amer­ica’s Cup? (8) 12 Which air­craft man­u­fac­turer built the DC-3? (7) 14 What de­scribes a gar­den plant that lives for a year or less? (6) 16 What do Nor­we­gians call Nor­way? (5) 17 John Wayne, King Ge­orge V and Walt Dis­ney ended life with only one what? (4)

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