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1. Name ei­ther of the coun­tries whose name starts with A but does not fin­ish with A. 2. Which re­li­gion reveres the god Kr­ishna? 3. Aus­tralian Kieran Perkins is a for­mer world and Olympic cham­pion in which sport? 4. Who was Yogi Bear’s sweet­heart in the car­toon se­ries? 5. Which singer duet­ted with k.d. lang on the re­make of his hit “Cry­ing”? 6. In which city would you find the Wail­ing Wall? 7. Clint East­wood played the role of which po­lice­man in five films? 8. Which fa­mous per­son was born at 17 Bru­ton Street, May­fair, Lon­don, on 21 April 1926?

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