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I HAVE been a clair­voy­ant/medium my whole life, never clos­ing down the con­nec­tion.

I own and work from the shop Spirit Cave at Childers, and feel very blessed that my clear con­nec­tion to the world of spirit can bring peace and hope to oth­ers on the Earth plane.

The an­swers to your ques­tions come from my spirit guides, al­low­ing me to be able to pass mes­sages on to those on Earth.

If you would like to ask me a ques­tion I am happy to re­ply to you, just email it to spirit.cave@ya­hoo.com.au.

I am al­ways mind­ful of con­fi­den­tial­ity, so your pri­vacy will al­ways be main­tained.

Ques­tion from Mary: I would like to know when my house will sell. It has been on the mar­ket for quite a while now and I re­ally want to know.

Re­ply: Spirit are say­ing that it will sell in May. There is a young cou­ple that have looked at it and they will make an of­fer soon. I am be­ing shown Easter, so be ready.

Ques­tion from Jan: My mother has passed and I would like to know if she crossed okay.

Re­ply: You mother did cross okay, her sis­ter was there to help her. She of­ten drops in to see you, that beau­ti­ful flower smell you get in the house is com­ing from her. She re­ally loved her flower gar­den. She is ask­ing for you to get your father to the doc­tor as she is con­cerned about his health. He needs to get a check-up as she is say­ing that there is a prob­lem with his blood, so should ask for a blood test.

Ques­tion from Emma: My five-year-old does not sleep well. She has trou­ble set­tling and wakes dur­ing the night. I re­ally don’t know what to do about it.

Re­ply: Your child is very much an Earth child, she loves be­ing out­side, feel­ing con­nected to the el­e­ments. Find a card­board box or an­other con­tainer and al­low the child to put any flow­ers, pretty stones or shells they find, or sticks into it and leave the spe­cial box un­der their bed or in their room. You will find this brings the out­side in for them and they will sleep a lot more peace­fully. Al­ter­na­tively a spe­cial crys­tal, such as an amethyst, in their bed at night will also help bring

peace to her.

Pro­gram­ming a crys­tal

If you are not drawn to a crys­tal or just do not like its colour it will not work for you, so pro­gram what you do like.

If you feel you need a spe­cific crys­tal for its heal­ing prop­er­ties but do not like or are not drawn to that crys­tal you can pro­gram a crys­tal you like to take on the prop­er­ties of the an­other crys­tal. For ex­am­ple: you may have a cir­cu­la­tion prob­lem and there­fore hematite would be ben­e­fi­cial, but you are not drawn to this crys­tal but love amethyst. By plac­ing the amethyst crys­tal be­tween both palms, ask­ing that the prop­er­ties of hematite be added to your cho­sen crys­tal, and blow­ing on it, the amethyst will take on the prop­er­ties of both crys­tals.

Crys­tal of the week

Clear Quartz. Clear quartz is a won­der­ful crys­tal for any­one to work with. Clear quartz has both pro­tec­tive and heal­ing prop­er­ties and is eas­ily pro­grammed to take on any prop­er­ties of other crys­tals.

When placed in­side a door­way it blocks neg­a­tive en­ergy from en­ter­ing the home, and if placed in the four cor­ners of your yard it will cre­ate a bound­ary that ra­di­ates peace and har­mony. Clear quartz pro­vides heal­ing for the body while in­spir­ing cre­ativ­ity and clar­ity of the mind.


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