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1. Which Ja­panese city hosted the 1972 Win­ter Olympics and has an an­nual ice and snow sculp­ture fes­ti­val? 2. Who was the first US pres­i­dent to visit Aus­tralia? 3. Which band has ap­peared on the cover of the Rolling Stone the most times? 4. Ac­tor Michael J Fox re­vealed in 1998 that he was suf­fer­ing from what dis­ease? 5. “Send me a post­card, drop me a line, stat­ing point of view” are words from which song? 6. In 2001, which coun­try had three kings in as many days when a prince at­tacked a fam­ily gath­er­ing with an au­to­matic weapon? 7. Os­teo­poro­sis af­fects what in the hu­man body? 8. Wol­fram was the orig­i­nal name of which metal, used for light bulb fil­a­ments?

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