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Q&A with Zoe Young

Oc­cu­pa­tion: Owner, Ohana Win­ery and Ex­otic Fruits

Age: 28

Mar­i­tal Sta­tus: Still wait­ing, but drop­ping some hints.

Chil­dren: None yet. 1. Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?

I think Jen­nifer Lawrence would be a good fit.

Just the right mix of girl-next-door and dare­devil – al­though my life isn’t all that ex­cit­ing. 2. What do you think the great­est in­ven­tion has been?

I hate to say it, but I’d be lost with­out my iPhone.

I can keep in touch with fam­ily back home, check the Bureau of Me­te­o­rol­ogy radar when­ever the sky starts look­ing a lit­tle grey and keep on top of work emails – all from a lit­tle screen in my hand. 3. Do you have any lucky items, ob­jects or tra­di­tions?

I love the line from Michael Scott in the TV show The Of­fice – “I’m not su­per­sti­tious, but I’m a lit­tle sti­tious.”

I have a few lit­tle trin­kets around the place, like a lucky tiki doll from Hawaii.

My part­ner and I are also both born in the year of the Dragon, so we have an awe­some cus­tom-made clay dragon out the front of our win­ery to bring us luck. 4. Is there any­thing you wish would come back into fash­ion?

I’d love to see 60/70s fash­ion come back. I think I’d make a good hip­pie. 5. What three things do you think of most each day?

Friends and fam­ily back

in Perth, food and all the jobs that need do­ing. 6. What’s been the best de­ci­sion you’ve made in your life so far?

Def­i­nitely to pack up ev­ery­thing and move across the coun­try to a lit­tle town I’d never heard of called Childers.

It’s been a life-chang­ing ad­ven­ture, and I wouldn’t change any­thing. 7. If you could re­place one body part with a su­per bionic re­place­ment what body part and what fea­tures would the new bionic re­place­ment have?

It might sound a bit bor­ing, but I’d love bionic hands. I make a lot of jams for the shop, and I’m for­ever burn­ing my fin­gers.

My bionic hands would be com­pletely heat­proof so I can grab hot jars with­out burn­ing my­self.

They would prob­a­bly come in handy for fruit pick­ing, too. 8. What was your first car? (or what would you like it to be?)

My first car is Betsy, my Hyundai Getz. She made it across the coun­try (on a train) and is still go­ing strong. 9. What do you con­sider is the most im­por­tant ap­pli­ance in a house?

Hands down, the most im­por­tant ap­pli­ance is the dish­washer. I hate do­ing the dishes, and will give any ex­cuse to get out of it. 10. What his­tor­i­cal pe­riod would you like to live in if you could go back in time?

I think the roar­ing 20s would be a fun place to live. Jazz mu­sic, gang­sters and I think we would have had a lot of money, mak­ing our own boot­leg wine in the pro­hi­bi­tion era.


MAK­ING THE MOVE: Ohana Win­ery and Ex­otic Fruits owner Zoe Young has no re­grets about mov­ing across the coun­try.

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