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ON MARCH 19 Queens­lan­ders will head to the polls and be asked to make an im­por­tant de­ci­sion about our state’s fu­ture. On the same day as the lo­cal govern­ment elec­tions, you will be asked to de­cide whether the term of our State Par­lia­ment should be changed from an un­fixed, three-year term to a fixed, four-year term. I’m sup­port­ing fixed terms be­cause our com­mu­nity, and in­deed our state, needs and de­serves busi­ness con­fi­dence, bet­ter govern­ment and eco­nomic cer­tainty. I be­lieve fixed terms will pro­vide far greater cer­tainty for Queens­lan­ders and take away any political op­por­tunism that can play a part in govern­ment de­ci­sions on elec­tion tim­ing. Fixed terms will re­move the con­stant elec­tion date spec­u­la­tion from our political process and pro­vide the cer­tainty and con­fi­dence to busi­ness that we all know drives in­vest­ment and job cre­ation in our re­gion. Vot­ing yes will mean the vot­ers of Bund­aberg and Bur­nett, and right across our state, will know ex­actly when an elec­tion will be held and can plan ac­cord­ingly. I am cer­tain fixed terms will de­liver bet­ter govern­ment and pol­icy mak­ing for all Queens­lan­ders as de­ci­sions will be made in the in­ter­est of bet­ter out­comes and im­proved ser­vices for the com­mu­nity, rather than for short-term political gain. With that in mind, I en­cour­age you to give strong con­sid­er­a­tion to this im­por­tant ques­tion, and in the in­ter­ests of all Queens­lan­ders vote yes on March 19 to four-year fixed terms.

Stephen Ben­nett MP

State Mem­ber for Bur­nett

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