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Leisle asked: What do you see re­gard­ing my health?

Spirit An­swer: I feel there is a prob­lem with your ovaries; you re­ally need to see a doc­tor. I keep get­ting that they are poi­son­ing your blood, so please go and get a blood test and check up.

Paul asked: I have lived in a lot of dif­fer­ent en­vi­ron­ments, and been around some quite dark sit­u­a­tions. Is my en­ergy dark or do you see any­thing at­tached to me? I al­ways ask that I only be sur­rounded by light and good.

Spirit an­swer; No, I don’t see any­thing neg­a­tive with you. I see your en­ergy field as very clear and light. You have ob­vi­ously been aware of where you were and man­aged to avoid any­thing at­tach­ing to you. Well done and keep do­ing what you are do­ing.

Carol Asked: What is caus­ing my back pain? I am re­ally over it and the doc­tors can’t seem to find a prob­lem, can you?

Spirit An­swer: When there is no phys­i­cal rea­son for back pain, you need to look at what you are still hang­ing on to from past ex­pe­ri­ences. I am pick­ing up that there are some is­sues that you have not for­given or let go of.

You don’t need to for­give ev­ery­one, some ac­tions by oth­ers are just un­for­giv­able, and as this is the case, you need to for­give your­self and stop giv­ing them power over you. A good way to re­lease past hurts is to write them a let­ter, be bru­tally hon­est and let all the hurt come out, then burn the let­ter and as the smoke rises feel all the pain and hurt go­ing with it.

Crys­tal of the Week

Cit­rine: Cit­rine is an ex­cel­lent crys­tal to aid re­cov­ery from si­nus, hay fever and asthma. To use a cit­rine crys­tal for breath­ing is­sues, place a small cit­rine in a wa­ter bot­tle and drink from it dur­ing the day.

It also pro­motes men­tal and emo­tional clar­ity, en­cour­ages man­i­fes­ta­tion, re­duces de­pres­sion. Aids heal­ing food dis­or­ders, stom­ach and blad­der.

Crys­tal Light Bed Ther­apy is an­other ser­vice of­fered at Spirit Cave by Amy. Coloured lights as­so­ci­ated with the chakra colours shine through specif­i­cally-cut quartz crys­tals, pro­duc­ing fre­quen­cies to match the seven hu­man en­ergy cen­tres or chakras.

Th­ese crys­tals ra­di­ate light and en­ergy to each re­spec­tive chakra (en­ergy cen­tres of the spir­i­tual and phys­i­cal body) and shine on and off in cer­tain rhythms to cleanse, bal­ance and align your en­er­gies. Well worth talk­ing to us about.

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