What the new stars for the week ahead mean

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YOUR STARS: Eclipses al­ways come in pairs. A so­lar eclipse in Pisces just struck on March 9, and we are now hurtling to­wards a pow­er­ful lu­nar eclipse in Libra on March 23.

YOUR STORY: The res­i­dents of Horo­scope Beach were gath­ered in the cafe. “We’re right in the middle of a pow­er­ful eclipse sea­son,” said Eileen, the sage who ran the lo­cal shop.

“Yes, an eclipse sea­son, but what does that mean?” asked Old Goat Gra­cie, a very ra­tio­nal Capricorn.

Eileen smoothed down her black silk dress, un­der which she was wear­ing her pink-and-green striped yoga pants (from Paris). She was an un­ortho­dox Sagit­tar­ian – but the oth­ers were used to that. Be­sides, she knew stuff.

“At best, an eclipse re­veals help­ful in­for­ma­tion you might not have no­ticed be­fore,” she said. “At worst, it can force you to make a fresh start. In the olden days they used to run and hide when the sun dis­ap­peared. Nowa­days, we’re not so su­per­sti­tious.”

Blur, the Arian war­rior, was break­ing out in a hor­ri­ble sweat.

He was known as the Fastest Blur In Town, on ac­count of be­ing a Mar­tian Artist – but the ap­proach­ing eclipse in Libra (his Sev­enth House of Love) was mak­ing his head spin.

Out on the street, his horse be­gan to whinny.

“I’m outta here,” he grunted and gal­loped off into the sun­set. The oth­ers watched him go. “Well, it is a lit­tle eerie…” mused the Psy­chic Mer­maid of Pisces Street, pluck­ing a bit of Adele on her man­dolin.

“Oh, it’s noth­ing we can’t han­dle,” smiled Eileen the sage. “As one of my great spir­i­tual teach­ers once said: ‘The only thing an eclipse can do that you don’t want it to is put the spot­light on ev­ery­thing you want to change about your life.”

“Who said that – Eck­hart Tolle?” asked Bert the barista, swish­ing over to col­lect their coffee cups. He was a Gemini and liked to keep up with the spir­i­tual head­lines.

“No, the Wary Witch said it, I be­lieve,” replied Eileen.

Ev­ery­one looked at the Wary Witch, who was sit­ting at the end of the ta­ble. She hadn’t said a word yet. She was a Scorpio.

“I might have,” she mur­mured.

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