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1. Name three is­sues, spe­cific to your divi­sion, that you will aim to fix dur­ing your term if elected and how you will do so?

The first is­sue I will ad­dress is the feel­ing by the divi­sion they do not see their coun­cil rep­re­sen­ta­tive. I will be present in many places ev­ery week so I keep up with the is­sues within the com­mu­nity. I also in­tend to hold com­mu­nity meet­ings across the divi­sion. The se­cond is­sue is many of the smaller com­mu­ni­ties feel they are ne­glected with­out many of their prob­lems at­tended too. I will make sure their voice is heard. The third is­sue within Divi­sion 2 is there are a num­ber of drainage jobs that need at­tend­ing to.

2 One con­sis­tent com­plaint from res­i­dents is rates are too high. Do you agree rates are too high?

Rates have risen too high too quickly. Coun­cil needs to iden­tify bet­ter prac­tices and ser­vice de­liv­ery meth­ods to save up to 5% in the first year. Man­age­ment meth­ods need to im­prove to al­low those sav­ings to be made.

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