Ques­tions to Mys­tic Mag­gie

Both a mum and a daugh­ter seek con­nec­tion with lost loved ones

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Vivian’s Ques­tion: howdo you see my fu­ture, re­gard­ing sell­ing or mov­ing house and work?

Spirit An­swer: Spirit are say­ing that a lot of new doors are open­ing for you. You will sell the house but not un­til mid year, then you will have a few de­ci­sions to make, but you will change the area where you are liv­ing. I am be­ing told you will change di­rec­tion with work, you will be do­ing work you re­ally en­joy, but it will be very dif­fer­ent from what you are do­ing now.

Grace Asks: I lost my daugh­ter when she was 14 and I felt her around me for about five months but have not felt her since, is she ok?

Spirit An­swer: Your daugh­ter is still around you quite a lot. She plays with your lit­tle dog. When the dog is run­ning around like it’s out of con­trol that is be­cause your daugh­ter is play­ing and chas­ing with it. She is laugh­ing and re­ally loves the dog and is re­ally happy you have it.

Jo Asks: My mum crossed over about two months ago, is she around me?

Spirit An­swer: Yes, she says she is re­ally happy, she has no more pain and is free. She was very re­stricted to what she could do when alive and is lov­ing the free­dom she now ex­pe­ri­ences. She men­tioned that her mum and sis­ter were there when she crossed which was lovely.

Crys­tal for the Week: Ob­sid­ian: Is Volcanic Glass and comes in a cou­ple of colours. It is a beau­ti­ful crys­tal to help es­tab­lish ground­ing, that is help­ing to stay in the mo­ment and keep­ing the mind with the body. This crys­tal pro­vides spir­i­tual pro­tec­tion while dis­solv­ing fear, shock and trauma. It is also help­ful for aid­ing heal­ing and blood cir­cu­la­tion.

Guides and An­gels: I am very blessed to know my guides and an­gels since my birth and have al­ways seen, heard and trusted them. I be­lieve that all earth be­ings have a guide and an­gel from the time they are born, and even if you do not see or hear them they are there and want to help you with life’s jour­ney.

They can­not help you if you do not give them per­mis­sion, so all you have to do is ask them to help and they will. The sad­dest thing I have ever seen is an an­gel cry­ing be­cause they wanted to help a sick per­son and that per­son would not ask them for help.

They can help with pain, stress and di­rec­tion, it may not al­ways be as you ex­pect it, but it will hap­pen.

NEW AGE: Mys­tic Mag­gie.

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