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Mak­ing soli­tary bee homes for your gar­den is easy. Bee homes you can make in­clude:

The Shack: Pop­u­lar with reed bees. Gather some dried sticks with pithy or hol­low cen­tres like hy­drangeas, sugar cane or bam­boo. Sim­ply tie them to­gether and hang them from a tree.

The House: Resin bees love th­ese homes. Us­ing dif­fer­ent sized drills, make sev­eral holes in a hard­wood block about 10cm deep. Keep un­der­cover or give it a roof and wait to see the tell­tale plugs where an egg has been laid.

The Apart­ment: Blue-banded bees love to nest near their friends in a bee apart­ment. Us­ing a few con­crete besser blocks from your lo­cal hard­ware store, fill them with a light clay and make a few small holes with your fin­gers be­fore leav­ing the clay to dry. Try to make at least three blocks and stack them to make your bee apart­ment.

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