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Mag­gie has some im­por­tant ad­vice and re­as­sur­ance for new owner of old home

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Julie asks: We have bought an old house and I know some­one is in it, do you know who it is?

Spirit an­swer: It is an older gen­tle­man who lived in the house in the 1940s.

He re­ally loved the house and is say­ing he is re­ally happy with you and your fam­ily as you also love the house.

You have said you are fine

with him there as he doesn’t cause any prob­lems, and so he just en­joys you be­ing there.

Ed asks: What can you see re­gard­ing my health?

Spirit an­swer: You need to go and get a blood test, there is some­thing wrong in your blood.

I am be­ing shown that the blood is not cir­cu­lat­ing prop­erly and that the prob­lem lies with your heart.

This is what is caus­ing you to be­come light-headed. It can be fixed.

I am not be­ing shown you cross­ing yet, so please get to the doc­tor and ask for both a blood test and ECG.

Cathy asks: Do you be­lieve an­i­mals’ spir­its can re­main with us af­ter they have crossed?

Spirit an­swer: Yes, many peo­ple have seen or sensed their an­i­mals still with them.

I see many spirit an­i­mals, dogs, cats, etc, still with their own­ers. Oth­ers I see now play­ing with loved ones in spirit.

Of­ten a new pet will take on some of the per­son­al­ity traits of a past an­i­mal and it is be­cause the one in spirit is show­ing them what to do.

It can be quite amus­ing to watch the two play­ing to­gether, es­pe­cially when the owner only sees the earth one. Crys­tal of the week: Car­nelian

Pro­motes ac­tion, while pro­vid­ing the courage to take the ac­tion re­quired.

Car­nelian also stops con­fu­sion, mak­ing it eas­ier to make de­ci­sions.

It lifts emo­tions, aids kid­ney func­tion, helps with rheuma­tism pain and relieves cramps, helps with blood cir­cu­la­tion.

NEW AGE: Mag­gie shares her ad­vice.

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