Carpe diem

Isis Town and Country - - Opinion - By ROBERT FROST

Age saw two quiet chil­dren Go lov­ing by at twi­light, He knew not whether home­ward, Or out­ward from the vil­lage, Or (chimes were ring­ing) church­ward, He waited, (they were strangers) Till they were out of hear­ing To bid them both be happy. ‘Be happy, happy, happy, And seize the day of plea­sure.’ The age-long theme is Age’s. ‘Twas Age im­posed on po­ems Their gather-roses bur­den To warn against the danger That over­taken lovers From be­ing over­flooded With hap­pi­ness should have it. And yet not know they have it. But bid life seize the present? It lives less in the present Than in the fu­ture al­ways, And less in both to­gether Than in the past. The present Is too much for the senses, Too crowd­ing, too con­fus­ing-Too present to imag­ine.

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