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YOUTH Home­less­ness Mat­ters Day is com­ing up on Wed­nes­day, 13 April. In or­der to get peo­ple to sup­port the cause it is im­por­tant to make them un­der­stand the is­sue so that they can em­pathise and take ac­tion. Let’s break down some of the most com­mon myths about youth home­less­ness:

Myth 1: Home­less young peo­ple choose to live a life on the streets.

Fact 1: The most com­mon cause of youth home­less­ness (and home­less­ness in general) is do­mes­tic and fam­ily vi­o­lence, with 70% of young home­less peo­ple Lizards ran out to see, snakes made way for him, and the rain­bow shone as brightly as the sun. All the world said, No­body is braver, no­body is bolder, no­body else has done any­thing equal to it.

He went home as easy as could be with the swing­ing rain­bow on his shoul­der. leav­ing home to es­cape fam­ily vi­o­lence, child abuse or fam­ily break­down.

Myth 2: All home­less young peo­ple are men­tally ill or sub­stance abusers.

Fact 2: Only a quar­ter of home­less peo­ple are men­tally ill, and about 40% are al­co­hol or sub­stance abusers, with around 15% suf­fer­ing both dis­abil­i­ties. Those who are faced with men­tal ill­ness or who suf­fer from sub­stance abuse are of­ten deal­ing with com­plex fam­ily is­sues or abuse and face added stresses ex­pe­ri­enced while liv­ing on the streets.

Myth 3: Young home­less peo­ple are all crim­i­nals.

Fact 3: Most young home­less peo­ple are not crim­i­nals, and ac­cord­ing to the Na­tional Law Cen­tre On Home­less­ness and Poverty, home­less peo­ple ac­tu­ally com­mit less vi­o­lent crimes than housed peo­ple. Break­ing down these mis­con­cep­tions will bring us one step closer to fix­ing the is­sue. This Youth Home­less­ness Mat­ter Day, I en­cour­age ev­ery­one to get in­volved in your com­mu­nity, host an event, run a cam­paign or make a do­na­tion to help young home­less peo­ple out of poverty and back into so­ci­ety.

Fa­ther Chris Riley

CEO and founder at Youth Off The Streets

The most com­mon cause of youth home­less­ness ... is do­mes­tic and fam­ily vi­o­lence.

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