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Kerry asks: What is the story with dream catch­ers? Do they re­ally help with sleep­ing and how?

Dream catch­ers do al­low a more peace­ful sleep by aid­ing only pleas­ant dreams to en­ter into your sleep pat­tern, while block­ing bad dreams.

The story be­hind dream catch­ers:

Grand­mother Spi­der looked down upon the earth and saw that man was plagued by bad dreams, and wanted to help.

So she went to the Wil­low Tree and asked if she could have a branch to help mankind.

Wil­low was happy to oblige and gave her a branch.

Grand­mother spi­der stripped the branch of leaves and used her web to join it to cre­ate a cir­cle.

Then Grand­mother Spi­der went to the Ea­gle and asked if she could have a feather to help mankind. Ea­gle gave her a feather.

Grand­mother Spi­der then cre­ated her web within the cir­cle and placed the feather at the bot­tom.

By plac­ing the dream catcher over the earth the bad dreams got caught within the web and the good dreams passed through to mankind.

With the morn­ing sun the bad dreams turned into dew that ran down the feather into the earth.

Hope this helps.

Amy asks: What do peo­ple mean when they say that I should bub­ble my­self? How do I do that?

Peo­ple who are sen­si­tive to en­er­gies around them should al­ways bub­ble. Bub­bling is done by vi­su­al­is­ing your­self within an egg of white light.

What this does is lessen the im­pact other peo­ple or en­er­gies can have on you.

You can still give out love and light but in­stead of drain­ing your­self by giv­ing out your own en­ergy you pro­vide spirit en­ergy to those who need it that you come into con­tact with.

This will make you less tired.

I find that I al­ways bub­ble my­self when I en­ter hos­pi­tals, su­per­mar­kets or just out in general pub­lic, oth­er­wise I pick up the fear, anger or hap­pi­ness some­one else is feel­ing can re­ally play havoc with the emo­tions.

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