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So, to solve a prob­lem we once again turn to our govern­ment to come up with a stupid tax. Tax­ing sugar will only in­crease the num­ber of folks in the “frit­ter away” sec­tion in Can­berra and will not solve the prob­lem. The an­swer to di­a­betes is ex­er­cise and diet. So stop eat­ing food and bev­er­ages con­tain­ing high lev­els of sugar and get ex­er­cis­ing. By ex­er­cise I do not mean buy­ing a tread­mill or think­ing about walk­ing, run­ning or any other forms of ex­er­cise but ac­tu­ally do­ing it ev­ery day. There has been no men­tion of switch­ing to diet drinks or us­ing Splenda in your tea or cof­fee — why not? Govern­ments are notorious at wast­ing our money but do not ac­com­plish any good in the end. We, as in­tel­li­gent think­ing peo­ple, have to ed­u­cate our chil­dren about di­a­betes and about a proper diet. No amount of tax­ing in the world will solve this prob­lem — only we can. We have too much govern­ment in our lives now and do not need more. Who in 25 years will re­mem­ber what this dumb tax was all about? Bill Wat­son

Govern­ments are notorious at wast­ing our money ...

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