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COUN­CIL elec­tions are over, and the fed­eral elec­tion is next to deal with. I do feel that too many prom­ises were made with coun­cil elec­tions, state wide, and that peo­ple ex­pect too much of gov­ern­ment. This leads to can­di­dates who prom­ise the earth. This all comes at a price, which means that taxes and bud­get deficits go up, and in the case of coun­cil, rates go up. Gov­ern­ments and coun­cils are al­ways call­ing for pop­u­la­tion growth and for more in­dus­try and tourism as a so­lu­tion to our eco­nomic prob­lems. What hap­pened to all the rev­enue from the min­ing dur­ing the boom? It’s all very well to pro­mote more in­dus­try to set up, how­ever a lot of our in­dus­try is clos­ing, mov­ing over­seas, with a mas­sive job losses. Com­pa­nies say that Aus­tralia is too ex­pen­sive to op­er­ate a busi­ness, stat­ing power prices, and that we can’t com­pete with low cost third world coun­tries. Folks, tourism is a tough gig to get into. I know, be­cause years ago, I ap­plied for jobs on the Gold Coast , and you have no hope as competition is hot and tourism jobs in­volve pro­mo­tion and selling. If you can sell some­one last year’s cal­en­dar, then you may score a job in tourism. As for pop­u­la­tion growth the world is al­ready over-pop­u­lated and its re­sources are be­ing quickly used up, pol­lu­tion and traf­fic jams, crime, etc, are all wors­en­ing. So what’s the point? The Turn­bull gov­ern­ment has been crit­i­cised for say­ing that we have to live within our means, but Turn­bull and his mates are right, and I don’t care for any po­lit­i­cal party. If La­bor and the Greens win the elec­tion, ex­pect taxes to go up to pay for their prom­ises, car­bon tax to be rein­tro­duced and they will let in all the boat peo­ple again. I hope peo­ple think care­fully about this. MEL CHALMERS South Kolan

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