For Mother’s Day

Isis Town and Country - - Opinion - By KATHIRINE HINKLE

She is the wind that

lifts me up to the sky. The very breath that I

take each day. The morn­ing sun

shin­ing down on me. The moon­light guid­ing me through the night. My north­ern star, brightly shin­ing in the dark­est of days. The warmth of her voice echoes in my head. The feel­ing of her kiss, brings tears to my eyes. Her smile, mak­ing each rainy day, a lit­tle bit brighter. Liv­ing life as though

noth­ing can hurt her. A mother is god in a

child’s eyes. She’s my god. My ev­ery­thing. My world. The rea­son why I push on ev­ery day of my life. Press­ing my­self to be

bet­ter. Liv­ing my day as each

is my last. Just as she does. She’s

the life that is mine. The rhythm of my

heart­beat. The core of my soul. She is the one who

wipes the tears away. She is the one who can cry and still stay strong. She is the one who takes all of my wor­ries away. And en­light­ens my day. She is un­like any other. She is my one, my only. My Beau­ti­ful Mother.

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