Isis Town and Country - - Opinion - By S. WALL

Here comes the Am­bos Lights all a blar­ing Screech­ing round the

cor­ner Ev­ery­one’s glar­ing! Rush­ing to the scene There all so keen Hearts a thump­ing Adren­a­line is pump­ing! Oh, what a sight! We’re ready to fight We’re here to care So please don’t stare! We’ve come well

pre­pared With every­thing you

need Your life will be spared At his hour of need! Now never fear When a Para­medic is

near Just stay calm And lend me our arm. Strap in the pa­tient Get out of our way We’re not very pa­tient With “you” in our way! At the hospi­tal now It’s out of our hands We are left to won­der What are Gods plans!

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