In­ci­den­tal ex­er­cise the key to main­tain­ing move­ment in life

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ONE of the many rea­sons I love strength train­ing is the im­pact it has on my ev­ery­day life and my ev­ery­day tasks.

En­durance im­proves, flex­i­bil­ity in­creases, I can lift heavy stuff when my hus­band needs me to and I am a bet­ter horse rider be­cause of it.

Like I spoke on in­ten­tions as ap­posed to goals; ex­er­cis­ing your body in a re­spect­ful way has no end.

You have one body, one life, so have fun with it.

Dur­ing a re­cent ses­sion with a client, where my en­thu­si­asm for ex­er­cise is at its peak, I re­minded her that by do­ing this metabolic re­sis­tance cir­cuit she is par­tic­i­pat­ing in such a beau­ti­ful and in­ten­tional act of self love. Don’t you think? Ex­er­cise is a time when you can truly con­nect with your body, value what it can do and un­der­stand how your body re­acts to dif­fer­ent stim­u­lus.

How bendy it is, how strong it can be and how it moves in space.

Whether you man­age 10 min­utes or 90 min­utes in the gym, what about the rest of your day?

My de­sire is to chal­lenge you to in­ten­tion­ally cre­ate move­ment in your life.

In times when you drive, could you walk? Star jumps in the television com­mer­cial breaks per­haps?

What about jog­ging to the chook pen? It doesn’t seem like much, does it? It isn’t; but it can and will add up.

So of­ten gym-go­ers take off their train­ing shoes and tights, put up their feet and think they are done for the day.

This in­ci­den­tal ex­er­cise is the key to main­tain­ing func­tional move­ment for a fit life.

My favourite ex­er­cise out­side of the gym is def­i­nitely rid­ing my horse.

Chal­lenge your­self; move more.

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