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(This sec­tion spon­sored by De­vantier Fam­ily, Mar­land Fam­ily, Cen­tral Stage Welsh Pony Stud – Jim & Sue Wright, Gin Gin Ve­teri­nary Clinic, Ron Esay)

Supreme Led Ex­hibit of Show (Kevin Bennet Memo­rial Rug do­nated by the De­vantier Fam­ily) – Anita Bryant on ‘Di­a­monds to Dust’

Cham­pion Ju­nior Rider – Tori Bow­den

Re­serve Ju­nior Rider – Is­abella Holt

Cham­pion Se­nior Rider – Mitchell Holt

Re­serve Se­nior Rider – Suzette Holt

Cham­pion Pony Hack (Rug do­nated by the De­vantier Fam­ily) – Suzette Holt

Re­serve Pony Hack – Is­abelle Holt

Cham­pion Gal­loway Hack – Jes­sica Mann

Re­serve Gal­loway Hack – Mitchell Holt Cham­pion Hack – Kathy Law Show Hunter of the Show – Tori Bow­den

Supreme Rider of the Show – Mitchell Holt

Supreme Hack of the Show – Suzette Holt

Vet Cross (Jesse Camp­bell Memo­rial Tro­phy do­nated by the Mar­land Fam­ily) – John Robin­son


SHOW WIN­NER: Suzette Holt won the Cham­pion Pony Hack – she won the Grand Cham­pion Jesse Camp­bell Memo­rial Pony Hack.

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