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I FOR ONE, am over the moon for the new and ex­tremely pro­found trend of “strong is the new skinny”.

As a woman who has found strength train­ing post-child­birth, I un­der­stand first-hand just how im­prov­ing strength can man­i­fest pos­i­tive new found strength in other as­pects of life.

But it hasn’t al­ways been this way, and I am cer­tain that there are women who are still bound and con­trolled by num­bers ev­ery day.

I’ve been there, done that, and grate­ful to have made it to “the other side”.

As women, so­ci­ety seems to want us to fit into a mould of sorts.

These di­men­sions of “beauty” are gen­er­ally de­fined by num­bers.

What we weigh, the size of our waist, to the num­ber of calo­ries we eat.

What hap­pened to us all be­ing made beau­ti­fully in­di­vid­ual and per­fectly imperfect?

When you ac­tu­ally stop to think about the stu­pid­ity of try­ing to have ev­ery woman fit into a de­sired pic­ture frame it is truly sad.

Trust me; you can­not “hate your­self skinny’”

True body love and ac­cep­tance is not found in any of those hor­rid num­bers, it is found within you.

If you have the ac­cep­tance, you can trust and be­lieve in your­self.

You Are Enough; just as you are.

The more you love your­self, the more you will be loved by oth­ers.

The more you feel loved the more you will want to nur­ture and be com­pas­sion­ate to your­self.

Mostly, to make those healthy choices sus­tain­ably!

Good food, fresh air and a whole lot of fun.

I spend as much time out­doors as pos­si­ble and trust me, be­ing out­doors clears your mind and can guide you into new ad­ven­tures and ex­pe­ri­ences.

Never let a num­ber stop you from reach­ing your goals and dreams.

Give your­self a few min­utes a day to re­flect.

BE IN­DI­VID­UAL: Try­ing to have ev­ery woman fit into a de­sired pic­ture frame it is truly sad.

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