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Is there a dif­fer­ence in spir­its on the earth, and how do you tell if they are good or bad?

Hi Dianna, this is a fan­tas­tic ques­tion to ask. Yes, there is a dif­fer­ence. Many who have crossed over prop­erly, that is they have been to the light, got­ten heal­ing, and then visit fam­ily and friends on the earth have a very peace­ful en­ergy.

They come vis­it­ing to help those on the earth, and only bring peace, love and hap­pi­ness.

They want to help us. Spir­its who have not en­tered into the light have an en­ergy that is not al­ways pleas­ant.

Th­ese are called earth­bound spir­its.

They still main­tain fear, and their en­ergy makes you feel un­easy.

It gives you a sad or fear­ful re­ac­tion.

When I en­counter th­ese spir­its I talk to them to dis­cover why they have not crossed over.

I then find a way to help them.

Some spir­its are fear­ful of the white light, so I will pro­duce a coloured light for them to cross.

Some­times I need to bring some­one they trusted through, to help guide them into the light.

I never just re­move a spirit with­out find­ing out how I can help them and re­move their fear.

Thank you Dianna for your ques­tion and I hope this helps you.

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