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ISIS Re­sults. Tues J/Pot Pairs July 12: Ben Bul­llen, B. McKen­zie def K. Baldry, D. Ha­ley 24-7. D. Jones, G. Daw def N. Frazey, D. Haeuslra 22-12. R. Wil­liams, K. Mur­phy def G. Sum­mers,

B. Gib­son 22-15. P. Mete, J. Daniels def B. Rayner, K. Kooper 18-15. Thurs 14th July N. Munkman, B. Cowan, P. Mete def B. Bullen, D. Pratt, R. Zim­i­tat 27-14.

Sun­day bowls was can­celled be­cause of the rain.

This week­end we have another vis­it­ing team. Bur­rum Heads B.C.

Visit us this Sun­day, Games start at 1pm sharp. Should be a great day. Names in the book please. ISIS CEN­TRAL MILL Come and Try bowls, It’s great fun, Bowls Sup­plied New Play­ers wel­come. Wed­nes­day af­ter­noon bowls 1pm start. Names in by 12.30pm. Af­ter­noon tea, All play­ers wel­come.

Sun­day af­ter­noon bowls start at 1pm names in by 12.30pm. Af­ter­noon tea, All play­ers wel­come.

So­cial bowls re­sults -Wed­nes­day - C. Win­ter , J. Shilton -Def - B. Dougall , K. Shep­pard 33 - 11 .S. Camp­bell , B. Ryan, E. Hartwig - Def - N. Hartwig , E. Crowe , T. Lin­clon 19 . 16.

Com­pe­ti­tion Re­sults-Mixed Sin­gles - P. Duffy - Def - B. Wilkins 25 - 4 .Sun­day washed out .

Our AGM is Au­gust 14 at 10am - Nomination forms for po­si­tions are up on the no­tice board.

Please fill a form in thank you . WOODGATE July 12:

Ladies Open Con­sis­tency Sin­gles Fi­nal. J. Mewett def A. Win­zar. 151 – 129. Ladies So­cial.

B. Fraser, S. Cole, L. Matt­son def D. Whi­ley, Y. Kee, B. Moon. 23 – 14. J. Young, A. Sleep. S. Richard­son def C. Cay­ley, M. Boundy, R. Gould. 26 – 13.

L. An­der­son, B. Er­rey, C. Firth def J. Mitchell, R. Bishop, V. Muir. 23 – 18. J. Ho­gan, Y. Turner def J. Bar­ling, P. Han­son. 29 – 7.

C. Geaney, G. Arnold, W. Reeves def A. Mar­shall. D. Ben­son, G. Har­ris. 23 – 21. M. Moore, S. Ormerod. Clement def T. How­ell, M., S. Loy­dell. 29 – 16.

K. Stephens, C. Close, P. Faser/Aurisch def H. Bradford, K. Nea­gle, M. Bren­ner. 25 – 17. B. Lin­quist, B. Thomp­son, G. Cherry def Jenny, Lor­raine, H. Haeusler. 23 – 7.

July 13 Men’s So­cial.

L. Mar­shall, B. Ravell, D. Wal­ter def R. Fraser, W. Moore, D. Muir. 37 – 6. O. Cook, A. Lin­quist, G. Sum­mers def I. Todd, D. Pitt, J. John­son. 35 – 14.

J. Steven, J. Bar­ling, R. Royan def T. O’Shea, W. McUtchen, S. Boundy. 27 – 14. A. Mor­ris, C. Ens­bey, D. Firth def R. Cauchi, C. Ormerod, R. Swan. 25 – 13.

R. Hill, B. Mor­rall def J. An­der­son, B. Arnold. 25 – 20. P. Mullins, B. Jenk­ins, M. Ho­gan def G. Turner, A. McKin­non, M. Strano. 31 – 9.

P. Wil­liams, E. Soes­man, M. Quinn def K. Aurisch, J. Nea­gle, T. Scholz. 30 – 12. B. Warfield, K. Geaney, E. Cameron def K. Glen, C. How­ell, P. Drum­mond. 27 – 11.

W. Reis, B. Cay­ley, P. West def P. Walk­ing­ton, D. Er­rey, P. Jones. 31 – 24. K. Fiske, K. Sleep, J. Horan def P. Blank, Pud Kee, A. Grif­fiths.29 – 16.

J. Sheers, A. Mor­combe, C. Wid­der­son def J. Har­bourne, G. Ellery, A. Camp­bell. 24 – 14. L. Hay­den, N. Feazey, R. Weir def Jesse, K. Mitchell, W. Nel­son. 33 – 13.

E. McCaf­frey, G. Nut­tall, R. Bunn def R. Close, G. Few­ster, T. White. 30 – 15. A. Moule, W. Ben­son, J. McGough def R. Gould, G. Weir, B. Gib­son. 29 – 13.

N. Loder, R. Ste­wart, H. Bren­ner def J. Daniels, G. Bishop, D. Tay­lor. 26 – 11.

July 14 Jack­pot Triples Mixed So­cial.

C. Cay­ley, Y. Kee, R. Royan def C. Wid­di­son, V. Muir, C. Ormerod. 22 - 16 E. Wid­di­son, J. Bat­ten, D. Muir def A. Moule, R. Gould, S. Cole. 23 22.

M. Tay­lor, G. Mor­ris, P. Drum­mond def O. Cook, I. Bryant, P. Fraser/Aurisch. 30 – 14. J. Stevens, G. Revell, R Squires def B. Cay­ley, P. Mullins, N. Feazey. 23 – 19.

M. Hately/Mullins, G. Lenz, Jim Bar­ling def J. Chantwell, Janine Bar­lingD. Tay­lor. 23 – 13.. K. Stevens, B. Mar­shall, J. Mewett def K. Aurisch, S. Ormerod, C. Ormerod. 19 – 11.

M. Moore, G. Bat­ten, D. Ens­bey def A. Cantwell, R. Gould, Pud Kee. 25 – 8.


ISIS GOLF CLUB The sad news from last week­end was the rain which pre­vented any play in the Bill and Jan Kingston’s spon­sored sin­gle stable­ford which will now take place July 23.

Mem­bers can look for­ward to another en­joy­able af­ter­noon and evening at the Isis Golf Club.

We look for­ward to large num­bers of mem­bers ar­riv­ing for the game.

Fi­nal­ists in the four­ball best ball Match­play are re­minded to com­plete their match by Au­gust 13. Women

On Thurs­day Vicki Wyeth won the sin­gle stable­ford com­pe­ti­tion, with a score of 38 points, from Cyn­thia Draper on 32 points.

Jen­nifer McKay won the run­down. Mar­garet Den­nett won the ap­proach.

This Thurs­day’s com­pe­ti­tion will be an­nounced prior to the game. Vets

In ex­cess of 40 play­ers par­tic­i­pated in the V.I.P. monthly sin­gle stroke chal­lenge, spon­sored by the Woodgate crew.

In A Divi­sion Kev Denham put some bad rounds be­hind him and recorded 65 nett to win from Kev Sav­age, un­lucky on 67, with Phil Luck­ett third on 69.

B Divi­sion scores were equally im­pres­sive with Dar­ryl John­stone win­ning with 64 nett from Ken Back­haus on 66, with Ray Bur­rowes third on 72.

Ce­cily Fay won the Ladies’ Divi­sion with 71 nett from Diane Row­ley on 75 with Vicki McAu­lay third on 76, on a count­back from Mar­garet Den­nett.

The ap­proach shots were won by: Mark McAu­lay (0.35m) for the men’s on 1&10; Col Den­nett (in the hole) for the Com­bined on 4&13; and Kaz Jef­frey (in the hole) for the ladies on 6&15.

Ben Van Der Valk again led the Chook Run win­ners with 28 nett, from Dar­ryl John­stone on 30, fol­lowed by Kev Sav­age and Kev Denham on 31, with Joan Kelly claim­ing the last chicken on 32.

Next Tues­day we re­turn to play a sin­gle stable­ford – see you there for the 12 noon hit-off. SO­CIAL

July 10 and we had 26 play­ers turn up for a near per­fect day of 2 per­son Am­brose.

The win­ners on the day were Paul McCar­ragher and Ross Ni­cole with a score of 33. Be­ing an Am­brose no-one loses hand­i­cap points.

Sec­ond place went to Diane Row­ley and Stu­art Aitch­e­son with a score of 33.25 and in third with 33.5 was Rhonda Zahn and Bob Cochrane.

The B-Grade ap­proach on the 1st went to Ross Ni­cole who ac­tu­ally put the ball in the hole for a birdy.

The com­bined near­est the pin on the 4th hole went to Col Den­nett at 7.94M. Col now holds the Golden Cir­cle. The com­bined long­est drive and the cen­ter fair­way shot was won by Leigh Hart.

Just a re­minder to ev­ery-one, we have a Face­book page go­ing for any­one that is in­ter­ested.

The site is called “Childers District So­cial Golf Club”. Ev­ery­one is in­vited to join. Just lodge a friend re­quest and have your chance to voice your opin­ions or share in a piece of hu­mor.

Next week we won’t be play­ing the light house as pre­vi­ously planned but will be a play­ing stable­ford on the back nine.

Tee off at 8am and as al­ways visi­tors and new mem­bers are wel­come.


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