Stress takes its toll on your body

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WHETHER you are su­per busy with work, not get­ting enough sleep or be­ing chased by a lion, your body per­ceives this as only one thing; stress. It is truly the silent as­sas­sin.

Without get­ting too sci­en­tific about it, what stress does to the body is re­lease the hor­mone cor­ti­sol which in short makes us store body fat and pri­ori­tise only meta­bolic func­tions that are nec­es­sary for sur­vival.

If some­one where to ask you, are you stressed? You might say; no I’m fine. But what about the five hours of in­ter­rupted sleep you are get­ting each and ev­ery night, the pro­cessed take­away food be­ing con­sumed ev­ery other day or the lack of wa­ter your are drink­ing. Stress is any­thing deemed not op­ti­mal by the body. This is by no means a lec­ture, but you don’t have to be a nu­tri­tion­ist to know that your body is de­signed to be fu­elled on pure nu­tri­tious foods for op­ti­mal health. All the other “bits” we add in are more dif­fi­cult for the body to process there­fore cre­at­ing stress.

While you sleep is the time that your body re­ju­ve­nates, re­lives en­ergy stores and heals ail­ments. Without ad­e­quate (7-9 hours per night) this too causes the body strain.

Worry is huge for some; be­ing anx­ious or ner­vous takes its toll on the body as well and with­draws en­ergy that would nor­mally be used for healthy bod­ily func­tions to be side­lined for a tem­po­rary is­sue. Over-ex­er­cis­ing is an­other one; run­ning 10km six days a week is bound to leave your body feel­ing drained and strained

It is all about aware­ness. Say you have the per­fect train­ing plan, meals are pre­pared and on track but you still don’t see the re­sults you are af­ter. What else could be go­ing on that is caus­ing you body to be un­der stress? Dig deep, com­bat those is­sues head on and see the bright light on the other side that will lead you to a lighter heart and a lighter self.

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