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Ned (Dan Spiel­man, left) and Jesse’s (Ash­ley Zuk­er­man) mis­sion to en­trap Jan Roth (An­thony La­Paglia) for Na­tional Se­cu­rity hits a rather large pot­hole tonight when their tar­get spir­its Jesse and Hani (Adele Perovic) away to safety (for him) in the West Pa­puan wilder­ness and de­mands Jesse crack open an en­crypted file. Left be­hind, Ned is star­ing to re­alise some­thing fishy with this whole deal, but Na­tional Se­cu­rity is hardly go­ing to fess up, so it’s back to the gloomy halls of power in Can­berra in search of the truth. Will any­one get to the bot­tom of things in time to save Cal­lum (Otis Pavlovic)? Ex­port-qual­ity lo­cal drama. Rock­Wiz Voice Aus­tralia

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