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HABIT change is the key to main­tain­ing a healthy life­style that fu­els your body and sat­is­fies your soul. It all starts with rou­tine. Not all at once; but one at a time un­til they no longer take up men­tal ca­pac­ity to com­plete.

Your day sim­ply would not feel the same with­out com­plet­ing that thing you have done every day for a lengthy pe­riod of time.

For ex­am­ple here a few of my non-ne­go­tiable; some form of ex­er­cise first up every morn­ing.

One litre of wa­ter be­fore break­fast, pro­tein with every meal and for a least one meal in the day fuel my body with lots of veg­eta­bles.

Even on hol­i­days, even when trav­el­ling, even on Christ­mas Day these things hap­pen; they hap­pen be­cause I wouldn’t feel like

with­out them. The ex­er­cise makes me feel alive, and drink­ing plenty of wa­ter keeps me hy­drated.

The pro­tein keeps me sa­ti­ated and the veg­etable keep me en­er­gised.

They have been habits that I have cre­ated over years of find­ing my an­swer to the best diet and the best fit­ness regime.

Be­cause that is just it; there is no per­fect diet or rou­tine.

The per­fect fit is the one that is per­fectly de­signed by you for only you.

One habit at a time; what works for you?

What is go­ing to fuel you in­ten­tions for your­self? What is pos­si­ble?

Try lay­ing out your ex­er­cise clothes the night be­fore, or have a work­out buddy.

Cook bulk pro­tein on Sun­day for the week ahead or pre-cut your veg­eta­bles.

What are the big rocks that will move you in the right di­rec­tion? What are the habits you re­ally want for your­self?

Look in the mir­ror and see your best self; what would she/he do every day to live a health­ier life?

So many ques­tion, so much thought, loads of po­ten­tial.

If you would like to know more or would like some per­sonal sup­port feel free to email me at­si­grid.peters @hot­

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