Zap­ping the mozzie population

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“GEE, they’re big this year!” “Like small birds.” The talk of mos­qui­toes around town – and the size of their mus­cles – has been rife this spring, with many in the re­gion alarmed by their size and fe­roc­ity.

Childers pest­man Stephen Ge­orge con­firmed he had been busy with the buzzy bug­gers.

“We’ve had quite a few calls re­gard­ing mozzies and hear­ing a lot in gen­eral around town,” he said.

“Mid­gies have been bad as well.”

Right now is al­ready prime mozzie sea­son, he said, with heat and mois­ture com­bin­ing to make it seem worse this year.

“We have had a wet­ter win­ter than nor­mal, so there may have been more mois­ture around,” he said.

“There were also early spring rains.

“They may have bred a bit ear­lier and quicker.”

Mr Ge­orge said peo­ple needed to be more proac­tive in stop­ping the pests.

“Some peo­ple are say­ing they can’t do any­thing, but you’ve got to start some­where,” he said. “Have a bit of a pro­gram. “Keep all wa­ter con­tain­ers away from your house, spray your pot plants, keep your gut­ters and drains clear.

“It’s im­por­tant to keep the wa­ter mov­ing so it doesn’t hang around.”

Bod­ies of wa­ter from ponds to dams also heighten the risk and putting fish in them helps re­duce lar­vae, Mr Ge­orge said.

“Mozzies can travel a very long way – at least 60km – which puts Woodgate in range for the Childers area,” he said.

“That could mean we get salt­wa­ter mozzies from marshy ar­eas in Childers.

“There are more than 200 species in Queens­land alone.”

Mos­qui­toes love to breed in heavy veg­e­ta­tion ar­eas.

Mulch and soil can also be a haven for midges around gar­dens, Mr Ge­orge said.

“Peo­ple with nice gar­dens have a prob­lem.”

“I’ve got two or three cus­tomers in Childers with nice trop­i­cal-type gar­dens and they’ve been get­ting plagued with them.

“We treat them about once a month and that re­duces the prob­lem but you’ll never get rid of the prob­lem en­tirely.

“We spray mulch and gar­den fo­liage; we don’t spray flow­ers be­cause we don’t want to harm bees.”

Re­duc­ing mos­quito breed­ing sites is cru­cial and ev­ery­one should do their bit, he said.

“Get in early and do pre­ven­ta­tive treat­ments.

“The more peo­ple who do, the bet­ter.

“A lot of peo­ple sit back on their hands and com­plain and do noth­ing about it.

“It’s like try­ing to kill weeds – if you sit back and do noth­ing they take over.”

The warm weather is also bring­ing in more creepy crawlies – in­clud­ing spi­ders, cock­roaches and ter­mites.

Mozzies have been the talk of the town.

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