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I AM fully aware that my col­umns, of late, have been some­what dis­jointed in na­ture, how­ever when in­spi­ra­tion comes my way, I just have to run with it.

Today I got to think­ing about mo­ti­va­tion. Jan­uary 1st (or every other Mon­day) brings so many ideals and ex­pec­ta­tions es­pe­cially within the health and fit­ness spec­trum, we have all been there. It has now come to light that we are ac­tu­ally more ex­cited by the idea of do­ing x,y,z then we are about ac­tu­ally do­ing it. So why is it; why do we go all-out and then stop?

We know that habit change has to be one step at a time so why is it that we set our­selves these huge list of things to do and not to eat and ex­pect that we can han­dle it? By na­ture, most of us are just not like that. We like rou­tine and struc­ture. The con­cept of mo­men­tum and habit change I can liken to that of an old-fash­ioned crank, you know the one you used to start the old dam pump with? You slowly wind it up, while in­creas­ing in­ten­sity you are in­creas­ing mo­men­tum and pretty soon its run­ning by it­self.

So what does this look like in terms of nu­tri­tion and ex­er­cise? Every morn­ing, you will com­mit to at least 5 min­utes of walk­ing and 1 glass of wa­ter. That is it, but you have to do it every morn­ing. This ac­tion starts to make you feel good and so to feel even bet­ter you start walk­ing for 10 min­utes every morn­ing and drink­ing 2 glasses of wa­ter. Pretty soon you day can­not start without a walk or wa­ter be­cause that’s just what you do and the mo­men­tum has pro­pelled you to that place of con­sis­tency, no mo­ti­va­tion re­quired.

What is it that you want to be do­ing? What is one small, achiev­able step you can take every day to build pos­i­tive mo­men­tum to be­com­ing that com­mit­ted per­son? Start there; start now.

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