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Gail asked: How can I tell if a spirit is good or bad?

I have one in my home, and while it does not bother me, ac­tu­ally makes me feel good, some­one told me it should be re­moved.

Maggie: I am be­ing told that the spirit in your home is your grandma and she is pleased that you are happy to have her visit.

She watches over you, you both had a re­ally close pos­i­tive con­nec­tion and that’s why she likes to visit you.

The best way to tell if a spirit is pos­i­tive is see how you feel about it.

When there is a spirit who has not crossed over into the light, the feel­ing will be dis­turb­ing, an­gry or neg­a­tive.

When a per­son crosses over and has been in the light they re­ceive heal­ing.

So when they come back to visit us their en­ergy is re­ally calm­ing, happy and pos­i­tive.

Hope this helps.

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