Mil­lion-tonne mile­stone by Isis Mill plant

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The mil­lion tonne mile­stone was sur­passed at the Isis Cen­tral Su­gar Mill dur­ing week 17, when the 100% Aus­tralian, grower-owned su­gar mill lo­cated near Childers pro­cessed a record weekly through­put of 72,950.59 tonnes of su­gar cane. This is the high­est weekly through­put in the com­pany’s 120-year his­tory.

The process of tak­ing su­gar cane from the pad­dock, man­u­fac­tur­ing into raw su­gar and de­liv­er­ing the prod­uct to the Bund­aberg Port in­volves many stake­hold­ers and the 168 hour weekly record was con­di­tional upon many fac­tors.

It re­quired qual­ity cane by the grow­ers, pre­ci­sion har­vest­ing by the har­vest­ing sec­tor, sched­uled trans­port by the lo­gis­tics team and ac­cu­rate pro­cess­ing by the ded­i­cated work­force at the Isis Mill, be­fore it fi­nally made its way into the stor­age fa­cil­ity at the port.

The pre­vi­ous weekly record through­put of 72,383 tonnes had been in place since the week end­ing Au­gust 17, 2007. The new record through­put pushed the year-to-date fig­ure of cane pro­cessed for the 2016 sea­son at Isis Mill to 1,022,914.64 tonnes.

The 2016 sea­son es­ti­mate con­tin­ued to rise and is now es­ti­mated to be 1,333,350 tonnes of su­gar cane. This equates to around 310,000 tonnes of cane re­main­ing to be har­vested and the Mill is still on tar­get to fin­ish crush­ing in mid to late Novem­ber.

Weekly raw su­gar man­u­fac­tur­ing was also a pro­duc­tion record, with the most su­gar pro­duced in the com­pany’s his­tory. 11,011 tonnes of raw su­gar was sup­plied to the Bulk Su­gar Ter­mi­nal at the Bund­aberg Port this week.

Cane qual­ity pa­ram­e­ters for the week im­proved slightly over the pre­vi­ous week and were recorded as 14.31% fi­bre with the ash com­po­nent now 1.62%.

The down­ward trend is pleas­ing and re­flects the in­creased aware­ness amongst all stake­hold­ers to the im­pacts ex­tra­ne­ous mat­ter has on su­gar recovery.

The cane va­ri­ety Q240 con­tin­ues to dom­i­nate cane sup­ply with 19,215 tonnes sup­plied this week. The va­ri­ety Q208 was also sup­plied in large quan­ti­ties with 15,007 tonnes sup­plied for a very im­pres­sive weekly av­er­age of 15.60 units of CCS.

The weekly CCS reached 14.95 units to date, fig­ure is now recorded as 13.76 units.

The high­est in­di­vid­ual CCS recorded for the week was 17.33 units which came from a red soil grower lo­cated at North Isis who sup­plied the va­ri­ety Q208.

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