Con­di­tions ideal for har­vest at mill this week

High fire risk for farm­ers

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is just over 30% of the to­tal sup­ply for the week.

Q240 av­er­aged 15.37 units of CCS for the week.

The high­est in­di­vid­ual CCS recorded for the week was 17.23 units for the va­ri­ety Q208 1R sup­plied by a White­bridge grower near Childers.

The Isis Mill has now pro­cessed 1,148,427 tonnes of cane for the 2016 sea­son.

The cur­rent sea­son es­ti­mate of cane avail­able for har­vest is 1,344,920 tonnes of cane.

This equates to around 196,492 tonnes left to har­vest and process for the 2016 sea­son.

Daily through­put is nor­mally around 10,000 tonnes, so on Fri­day Novem­ber 4 there were about 20 days of har­vest­ing left for the 2016 sea­son.

Un­der nor­mal con­di­tions har­vest­ing of the 2016 crop is on tar­get to be com­pleted in 21 days, af­ter bin al­lot­ments on Fri­day Novem­ber 25.

This is of course a ten­ta­tive date and may change sig­nif­i­cantly over the next few weeks.

The cur­rent weather con­di­tions have led to an in­creased risk of fire with all of the lo­cal area now con­sid­ered to be at very high risk.

Gen­eral fire per­mits have been can­celled but cane farm­ers are still able to utilise fire for har­vest­ing.

Grow­ers are re­minded to ex­er­cise ex­treme cau­tion and to re­strict cane fir­ing and burn­ing ac­tiv­i­ties to be­tween the hours of 6.00pm through to 6:00am the next day un­til con­di­tions ease.

Grow­ers must no­tify Fire­com (1800 354 621) of all planned burns prior to ig­ni­tion to avoid un­nec­es­sary 000 calls and gen­eral alarm.

A re­minder to all mo­torists to be cau­tious in and around the cane train tracks as there has been a num­ber of re­ported in­ci­dents, har­vesters op­er­ate 24 hours a day.

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