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“I wanted the viewer to con­sider the no­tion of orig­i­nal­ity and whether tech­nol­ogy has ren­dered copy­right in­con­gru­ous.” Copy­right 2015 (oil and dig­i­tal print on can­vas; 166.5x140.5 cm) by Robyn McCoy, of St Stephen’s School Car­ra­mar. Lands­dale’s Eden Rehling painted Per­ma­nence while at John Sep­ti­mus Roe Angli­can Com­mu­nity School, which she de­scribed as a photo-re­al­is­tic painted in­te­rior.

“A min­i­mal­is­tic greyscale bed, scrunched from use and in a state of empti­ness, re­sides dom­i­nantly on my can­vas,” she said.

“A bed in an ab­ject state, is so open to in­ter­pre­ta­tion and in­vites anal­y­sis but can never be un­re­servedly clas­si­fied.

“Cre­at­ing an art­work that had the power to im­bue an ev­ery­day in­te­rior land­scape with such loaded and yet in­def­i­nite mean­ing was a chal­lenge I set for my­self this se­mes­ter.

“Beds are so per­me­ated with per­sonal sig­nif­i­cance, the viewer’s con­text un­doubt­edly in­flu­ences their ex­pe­ri­ences of my work and will af- fect the emo­tions they feel see­ing the im­age.

“My paint­ing and its ti­tle is chal­leng­ing to view­ers be­cause it doesn’t present a fixed mean­ing or one point of view on a sub­ject but rather has many pos­si­ble con­clu­sions that can be drawn.” Ocean Reef’s Ja­cob Sewell cre­ated The art of mu­sic video while at Pren­diville Catholic Col­lege.

“My piece is a video record­ing of me play­ing the drum kit us­ing brushes; I gather the paint as I drum and scat­ter the colours,” he said.

“The over­ar­ch­ing theme of my work is how im­por­tant mu­sic is in my life and how, no mat­ter what I do, mu­sic has an im­pact.

“Masks and the coloured paint sym­bol­ise my dif­fer­ent moods while I play.”

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The art of mu­sic 2015 (dig­i­tal video; du­ra­tion: 3:33 min­utes) by Ja­cob Sewell, of Pren­diville Catholic Col­lege.

Per­ma­nence 2015 (oil on can­vas; 101x76cm) by Eden Rehling of John Sep­ti­mus Roe Angli­can Com­mu­nity School.

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