Gam­ble pays off in cri­sis

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SOR­RENTO Surf Life Sav­ing Club’s Craig Gam­ble was re­cently recog­nised for his brav­ery and go­ing over and above nor­mal duty ex­pec­ta­tions.

Mr Gam­ble and Na­dine Seabrook had been camp­ing near By­ron Bay when, at about 10.30pm, they were wo­ken by some­one scream­ing for help and ask­ing if any­one knew CPR.

“I ran out with a head lamp, as we were re­mote with­out power in the area, and rushed to where a camper was stand­ing with his friend flat on his back,” Mr Gam­ble said.

“The guy be­lieved his friend had choked but he held his chest as he fell.

“There was no pulse or breath­ing. While I was check­ing his air­way, other peo­ple ar­rived and as­sisted with light­ing the area and an­other camper said he knew first aid.

“He was rolled onto his back and I be­gan CPR with the as­sis­tance of An­drew pro­vid­ing the breaths,” he said..

“An­drew and I went through ro­ta­tions of com­pres­sions and breaths and gained some re­sponse from the pa­tient a few times; he be­gan to breathe a cou­ple of breaths on his own and at some points squeez­ing a hand, but again stopped

“The pa­tient was young, about 35, so we also checked for signs of po­ten­tial snake or spi­der bites while Na­dine kept track of how long we had been pro­vid­ing CPR.”

He said they were per­form­ing CPR for about 50 min­utes be­fore paramedics ar­rived with a de­fib­ril­la­tor.

They ap­plied one shock while Mr Gam­ble con­tin­ued with com­pres­sions un­til the pa­tient re­gained a pulse.

A drip was in­stalled while Mr Gam­ble ap­plied oxy­gen be­fore a sec­ond am­bu­lance and po­lice ar­rived along with a heli­copter to trans­port the pa­tient to the near­est hospi­tal.

“Mark rang me once he was out of hospi­tal,” Mr Gam­ble said.

“The doc­tors don’t know why he went down but he will un­dergo more tests to try and de­ter­mine the cause.”

Mr Gam­ble was awarded a Surf Life Sav­ing Aus­tralia mer­i­to­ri­ous award for “out­stand­ing per­for­mance and brav­ery”.

Craig Gam­ble has re­ceived a Surf Life Sav­ing Aus­tralia mer­i­to­ri­ous award.

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