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Re: ‘Vi­sion for a coastal oa­sis’ (Week­ender, May 11), the only vi­sion the de­vel­op­ers have of this blot upon the Iluka land­scape is that of dol­lars fill­ing their bank ac­counts.

This is so typ­i­cal of the way sub­urbs are planned where the last bit of land is kept off plan or ti­tled “bush­land for­ever” or some such mean­ing­less rubbish to fool buy­ers that noth­ing is go­ing to be built that will spoil their views.

Shock­ing ex­am­ple of this is the de­vel­op­ment at the end of Min­darie Ma­rina.

No way can a block of flats be called an oa­sis and the plea­sure it gives just one writer who craves his early morn­ing caf­feine hit and news­pa­per can be dis­re­garded as poor com­ment from some­one who hasn't got to look at it.

The of­fi­cials who give per­mis­sion for this type of mon­stros­ity should be re­moved from their po­si­tions. It's ob­vi­ous that none of them will be af­fected. ALAN HANSHAW, Ocean Reef

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