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I DIS­AGREE with Terry Bea­han and Jack Moore. There is a very im­por­tant rea­son to keep left – it means when you need to change lanes there is only one blind spot to check.

If ev­ery­one could drive to within 5kmh of the speed limit, they may have a point, but my driv­ing ex­pe­ri­ence ev­ery day is that most driv­ers can­not drive at a con­stant speed and many seem to think it's fine to pick a speed 10 or 20km/h un­der the posted speed and sit in the right­hand lane as a mo­bile road block, pre­sum­ably be­cause they are plan­ning to turn right at some point.

Please keep left folks, es­pe­cially if you aren't in a hurry; a lot of us are. Don’t get me started about in­di­cat­ing at round­abouts. TIM GREEN, Pad­bury

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