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The sec­ond-to-last East­ern Gold­fields Lit­tle Ath­let­ics Cen­tre meet of the year has seen the ex­cel­lent per­for­mances con­tinue across all age groups.

While no records fell this week, Men­zies’ Jake Tucker put in a fan­tas­tic ef­fort in the un­der-eight turbo.

Jake, who trav­els down each week­end for the meets, recorded a throw of 17.87m which fell just out­side the club’s all-time mark.


Un­der-six: 60m: T.Zorzi/E.Caliskan. 100m: T.Zorzi. Dis­cus: T.Zorzi. Long Jump: T.Zorzi. Hur­dles: E.Craig/ T.Zorzi. Un­der-seven: 60m: C.Zorzi/R.Tilly. 100m: C.Zorzi/ M.Dip­pe­naar. 200m: C.Zorzi/R.Tilly. Dis­cus: C.Shea­hen. Long Jump: C.Zorzi. Un­der-eight: 60m: J.Hooks. 100m: J.Hooks. 200m: J.Hooks. Dis­cus: E.Gard­ner. Long Jump: N.Merey­ato. Un­der-nine: 100m: D.Tilly. 200m: D.Tilly. 800m: D.Tilly. Dis­cus: P.Mar­low. Long Jump: D.Tilly. High Jump: D.Tilly. Un­der-10: 100m: J.Carmichael. 200m: J.Carmichael. 800m: J.Carmichael. Dis­cus: J.Carmichael. Long Jump: J.Carmichael. High Jump: J.Carmichael. Un­der-11: 100m: J.Scafidi. 200m: J.Scafidi. 800m: J.Scafidi. Dis­cus: J.Scafidi. Long Jump: J.Scafidi. High Jump: J.Scafidi. Un­der-12: 100m: S.McCrorie. 200m: S.McCrorie. 800m: S.McCrorie. Dis­cus: A.Row­ell. Long Jump: S.McCrorie. High Jump: S.McCrorie. Un­der-13: 100m: J.Tem­pler. 200m: E.Campo. 800m: E.Campo. Dis­cus: J.Wat­son-Jones. Long Jump: E.Campo. High Jump: C.Pat­tullo-Airey. Hur­dles: E.Campo. Un­der-14: Triple Jump: A.Dick­hart. Shot: A.Dick­hart. Javelin: C.Dick­hart. Un­der-16: Shot: S.Dick­hart. Javelin: S.Dick­hart. Un­der-17: 100m: T.Con­way. 800m: T.Con­way.


Un­der-six: 60m: B.Akroyd/J.Solly. 100m: B.Akroyd. Shot: B.Akroyd. Turbo: E.Van Ton­der. Hur­dles: B.Akroyd / J.Solly. Un­der-seven: 60m: A.Caliskan / J.Haythorn­th­waite. 100m: A.Caliskan / L.Haythorn­th­waite. 200m: B.Sul­li­van / L.Haythorn­th­waite. Shot: B.Sul­li­van. Turbo: N.Cash. Un­der-eight: 60m: C.Scafidi/A.Rowe. 100m: C.Scafidi/A.Rowe. 200m: A.Rowe/M.Adams. Shot: J.Tucker. Turbo: J.Tucker. Un­der-nine: 100m: D.Gib­son. 200m: N.Campo. 800m: N.Campo. Shot: N.Campo. Turbo: N.Campo. Un­der-10: 100m: H.Schutze. 200m: H.Schutze. 800m: B.Drew. Shot: H.Schutze. Turbo: H.Schutze. Triple Jump: H.Schutze. Un­der-11: 100m: D.Van Maa­nen. 200m: D.Van Maa­nen. 800m: D.Van Maa­nen. Shot: M.Akroyd. Javelin: M.Akroyd. Triple Jump: M.Akroyd. Un­der-12: 100m: O.Wells. 200m: O.Wells. 800m: O.Wells. Shot: C.Van Ton­der. Javelin: B.Sargeant. Triple Jump: O.Wells. Un­der-13: 100m: C.Abra­ham. 200m: C.Abra­ham. 800m: C.Abra­ham. Shot: C.Abra­ham. B.Van Maa­nen. Triple Jump: J.Thomas. Un­der-14: 100m: C.May. 200m: C.May. Hur­dles: C.May. Un­der-15: 100m: L.Con­way. 200m: L.Con­way. 800m: L.Con­way. Hur­dles: L.Con­way. Un­der-16: 100m: J.Rac­canello. 200m: J.Rac­canello. 800m: J.Rac­canello. Shot: N.Jes­sett. Javelin: N.Jes­sett. Triple Jump: J.Rac­canello. Hur­dles: J.Rac­canello. Un­der-17: 100m: G.Schutze. 200m: G.Schutze. 800m: J.Lavender. Shot: N.Coet­zer. Javelin: N.Coet­zer. Hur­dles: N.Coet­zer.

Pic­ture: Louise White

Harper Cum­mings com­petes in the Un­der-12 Triple Jump.

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