War win a case of

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suc­cess of Bri­tain in­volves.

It is cer­tain that the war was won by the pos­ses­sion of Great Bri­tain of the com­mand of the seas. Had the Ger­man navy pre­vailed over the Bri­tish, the over­lord-ship of the world would have been in Ger­many’s hands.

In Napoleon’s time the vic­tory of Nel­son at Trafal­gar gave the com­mand of the seas to the Bri­tish, and sealed the fate of the Cor­si­can.

His­tory has re­peated it­self, and it was the supremacy of the Bri­tish navy that saved Eu­rope and the world from the Ger­man peril.

The cri­sis through which the Empire has passed since Au­gust, 1914, has been the sever­est in its his­tory.

The crush­ing of Ger­many ranks in im­por­tance with the de­feat of the Span­ish Ar­mada and the fi­nal break­ing of Napoleon’s power at Water­loo.

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