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WE ALL like to get our own way.

One day I was in a su­per­mar­ket and I over­heard a fa­mil­iar sce­nario; a very tired child de­mand­ing to get what he wanted to a fraz­zled mum who was try­ing to com­plete her shop­ping be­fore the child com­pletely lost it.

Does this sound fa­mil­iar to you?

It brought back mem­o­ries to me and in my mind, I was will­ing the mum not to give in.

In a des­per­ate at­tempt to pacify the child, she gave in to his tantrum. I can re­mem­ber think­ing that child has just dis­cov­ered that if you make enough noise you will get what you want. Not good par­ent­ing.

Some years ago, I was checking bag­gage in be­fore a flight, when my at­ten­tion was drawn to a mid­dle-aged hys­ter­i­cal woman who was try­ing to con­vince an of­fi­cial that her bag was small enough to pass as hand lug­gage.

He said, ‘‘Madam, this bag is too big, it will not fit through the siz­ing shape’’.

The lady was no doubt tired and frus­trated but ev­ery­one heard her scream, ‘‘It will fit, it will fit’’. As she pounded her poor bag un­til it squeezed through that iron shape.

The of­fi­cial looked on in dis­may.

From mem­ory, the woman won the bat­tle. She was no doubt used to win­ning bat­tles; they prob­a­bly be­gan in the su­per­mar­ket.

Can we or should we al­ways get our own way?

Un­for­tu­nately, many peo­ple grow up think­ing that if they make a big enough scene they will get what they want.

This strategy may work for a bit but even­tu­ally you will run out of pa­tient, flex­i­ble peo­ple to give in to your self­ish de­mands.

A wise par­ent doesn’t give in to ev­ery whim of their child rather trains them to have mea­sured ex­pec­ta­tions, cope with loos­ing and be un­selfish.

We demon­strate our love to­wards our chil­dren and train them by giv­ing them firm bound­aries.

God is like a wise par­ent, he knows us well and places firm bound­aries around us to pro­tect us and train us to be­come more like his son Je­sus.

If God al­lowed us to get our own way all of our lives and then per­mit­ted us to re­ceive the heav­enly re­ward he would not be act­ing justly. No, God is just. He must pun­ish us for our wrong­do­ing and throw­ing a tantrum will not change his mind.

The bi­ble tells us all peo­ple sin and the re­sult is spir­i­tual death. Not a good out­come.

For­tu­nately, God is not only just, but lov­ing.

The bi­ble also says, the free gift of God (be­liev­ing and re­ceiv­ing Je­sus) is Eter­nal Life.

This is very good news for ‘tantrum-throw­ing’ peo­ple like you and me.

May you find for­give­ness and restora­tion by trust­ing in Je­sus.

Pas­tor David Lloyd Com­mu­nity Church Kyabram

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