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THERE is some­thing ex­cit­ing about dig­ging for a trea­sure. It is dis­cov­er­ing the un­known, find­ing what is be­low the sur­face. It is be­ing hope­ful that what you find is much bet­ter than what you imag­ine.

I used to grow pota­toes in the cen­tral Gipp­s­land hills and the most ex­cit­ing phase of grow­ing pota­toes was dig­ging them out of the ground. The size of your crop re­mains hid­den un­til you har­vest it. Un­til then you live in hope of a good crop. When all is re­vealed, par­tic­u­larly if the crop is heavy, it is re­ward­ing see­ing them tum­bling up the con­veyor belt.

Re­cently I drove through Cooper Pedy and was amused by the opal drilling mounds dot­ted around the land­scape. There were many tiny mounds in­di­cat­ing that noth­ing was found how­ever here and there were huge mounds re­veal­ing the pro­duc­tiv­ity of the min­ing.

How­ever, the ultimate in look­ing for trea­sure would have to be gold min­ing. Peo­ple will do al­most any­thing in search for gold and I imag­ine if you stum­bled across a nugget, there would be mass ex­cite­ment.

Let me fo­cus on an­other trea­sure, the trea­sure of truth. Truth is of­ten hid­den — in fact, Je­sus told sto­ries in the Bi­ble about ev­ery­day re­lat­able events and hid­den within the story was a truth to be dis­cov­ered.

Why hid­den? Je­sus wanted peo­ple who had faith and a hunger to learn to un­der­stand the se­crets of the king­dom of God. Con­versely, those with hard hearts could not ‘see’ the truth.

All this makes me think of a lovely story in the Bi­ble about the heal­ing of a par­a­lytic man. The four friends who brought the man to Je­sus could not get to him be­cause of the crowd yet be­yond this barrier was a truth that they des­per­ately wanted for their friend.

Con­cealed by the house and hid­den by the crowd was the Son of God, the healer of our body, mind and soul. Yet this ‘stub­born re­fusal to give in’ type faith caused the friends to dig through the roof of the house and un­earth the truth be­low.

The friends came with ex­pec­tant faith and the re­ward for their friend was far greater than the big­gest gold nugget. This ‘trea­sure’ was for­give­ness from a life­time of sin and phys­i­cal heal­ing that meant he could walk, run and work again. What a won­der­ful bless­ing!

You and I need faith to ‘dig’ and dis­cover the truth about the mys­tery of God. From the out­side, this mys­tery is hid­den but through faith, we find the most won­der­ful truth that sets us free from the trou­bles of this world and pre­pares us to en­ter eter­nity. What a bless­ing to all who choose by faith to dig for trea­sure! Pas­tor David Lloyd Com­mu­nity Church Kyabram

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