Long-lost sis­ter was hid­den just round the cor­ner

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“It re­ally was in­cred­i­ble how quickly it hap­pened,” Su­san said.

Su­san said the break­through kick­started a fast chain of events that nei­ther of the ladies could have imag­ined.

“Through that we were able to track down some other family mem­bers and that led us to a great niece of Ch­eryl’s mother,” Su­san said.

“Then we for­warded a photo of Ch­eryl and that photo got passed on to Kevin — who turns out to be Ch­eryl’s brother — and he ap­par­ently took one look and said, ‘yep she’s one of us’.”

Ch­eryl’s bi­o­log­i­cal family made con­tact with her af­ter this and had some in­cred­i­ble news for her.

“So then I got the call from Ch­eryl say­ing I have ex­cit­ing news, and I thought she was fi­nally get­ting her foot fixed,” Su­san said.

“She said, I have a sis­ter in Kyabram. I just couldn’t be­lieve it to be hon­est and I said, well, what’s her name? When she told me He­len Young. I thought, fair dinkum, it can’t be the He­len Young I know, surely.”

He­len was con­tacted by her family about the news and couldn’t be­lieve what she was hear­ing. How­ever, just like her brother Kevin, she needed only one glance at a photo of Ch­eryl to know that she was look­ing at her sis­ter.

“I had ab­so­lutely no idea, I was gob­s­macked to find out I had a sis­ter that I didn’t even know ex­isted — and she was liv­ing in Kyabram,’’ He­len said.

‘‘When I saw the photo I thought, oh my God that is my mother — well our mother — all over,” He­len said.

The fact that both of the sis­ters are now based in Kyabram is purely co­in­ci­den­tal, with Ch­eryl only mov­ing to the town from Gipp­s­land mid­way through 2016 and He­len spend­ing time in Toowoomba and then Ton­gala.

“There’s no doubt that they have had some close en­coun­ters; I was with Ch­eryl once and He­len dropped off some cards for us to play — it’s all just very weird,” Su­san said.

Su­san then or­gan­ised a meet­ing for the sis­ters, and He­len said it was tough to abide by the rules.

“I haven’t slept over the last few days — I’ve been a bun­dle of nerves. It has been hard not to just track her down and knock on her door,” He­len said.

The pair walked into the Kyabram Club from op­po­site sides of the build­ing and once the tears had slowed, they be­gan sort­ing through some old photos and mem­o­ra­bilia. He­len and Ch­eryl worked through their family tree and posed for family photos.

The sis­ters said they wouldn’t waste the time they have to­gether.

“I al­ways wanted a sis­ter, my adopted family had a brother but I just al­ways wanted a sis­ter and now I have one,” Ch­eryl said.

“It’s in­cred­i­ble, it re­ally is,” He­len said.

Sis­ters He­len Young, left, and Ch­eryl Law­son, right, greet each other for the first time; look at old photos, in­set top; and with mutual friend Su­san Fulton, in­set above

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