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THERE are many stores where we can go and pur­chase ar­ti­cles for the house that come with in­struc­tions for assem­bly or in­stal­la­tion. The in­struc­tions are not al­ways as easy to fol­low as the man­u­fac­tur­ers would sug­gest, so you re­sort to the com­puter and then find a Youtube pre­sen­ta­tion with some­one ex­plain­ing what you need to know. It is not al­ways con­ve­nient to have the com­puter in front of you while un­der­tak­ing the as­sem­bling process, so you try to take notes from the Youtube pre­sen­ter. Even that can be dif­fi­cult if he uses tech­ni­cal terms that you are not fa­mil­iar with. In frus­tra­tion, you give up and find some­one who is more qual­i­fied to com­plete the task on your be­half.

The prob­lem of try­ing to un­der­stand seems to re­late to many as­pects of life. If I only knew how the sur­geon can un­der­take key­hole surgery; if I could un­der­stand the math­e­mat­ics used by sci­en­tists, en­gi­neers, and other highly qual­i­fied oc­cu­pa­tions. Then there is the sci­ence of the world and why it turns the way it does; what was the process fol­lowed in de­ter­min­ing the lon­gi­tude and lat­i­tude and why was this im­por­tant. We could go on won­der­ing how can we un­der­stand many as­pects of life and may never fully un­der­stand ev­ery­thing.

There was a man who had heard Je­sus speak­ing and had wit­nessed some of the mar­vel­lous things that Je­sus had done for peo­ple. All of this he could not fully un­der­stand, so he de­cided the only way was to seek Je­sus out and ask him how was it that he could per­form th­ese signs if he did not have God with him. He had heard the talk that if any­one wanted to be part of the king­dom of heaven, he had to be born again. To this man, Ni­code­mus, it was a prob­lem of how could any­one be born again. He could not un­der­stand this as it seemed an im­pos­si­bil­ity.

After hear­ing Je­sus talk­ing to him about a spir­i­tual trans­for­ma­tion, which es­sen­tially means that God takes our old self and re­gen­er­ates it through the su­per­nat­u­ral work of tak­ing out that part of one’s life which sin has taken over, and mak­ing one spir­i­tu­ally alive. This must have made Ni­code­mus even more con­fused. Je­sus says it hap­pens much the same as the wind. We can­not see the wind but the ev­i­dence of what it can do. So it is when the Spirit of God comes into your life.

There are some things that can only be ex­plained from ex­pe­ri­ence of the change that comes to a per­son’s life who be­lieves. Through be­lief there is hope. It is not a hope of maybe or un­cer­tainty, but the guar­an­tee to all who will be­lieve.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that who ever be­lieves in him shall not per­ish but have eter­nal life. (John 3:16) Robert Arnold Pas­tor, Kyabram Church Bap­tist

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