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Fill in the grid so that ev­ery col­umn, ev­ery row and ev­ery 3x3 box con­tains the dig­its 1 through 9. There is no math in­volved. You solve each puz­zle with rea­son­ing and logic. Each puz­zle only has one so­lu­tion. about the joke about two peanuts walk­ing into a bar but one of them was a salted? We can ma­nip­u­late the English lan­guage to serve our own pur­pose and hope­fully leave peo­ple with a wry grin on their faces.

A cou­ple of very face­tious oxy­morons might be more recog­nis­able. An ar­ti­cle about some­one who had wan­dered off their track dur­ing a bush walk stated that the el­derly man was found miss­ing, which although con­tra­dic­tory still makes per­fect sense. When di­rec­tors are bark­ing in­struc­tions to their char­ac­ters im­press­ing upon them the sig­nif­i­cance of be­ing be­liev­able in their role they rely on the phrase ‘act nat­u­rally’. Well which one is it, act or be nat­u­ral?

Now just for the hell of it I will in­ter­twine sev­eral pieces into this para­graph for you to an­a­lyse. The se­ri­ously funny joker orated that read­ing while sun­bak­ing should make you well red. Un­for­tu­nately, there was a deaf­en­ing si­lence so he reeled off an­other quip re­gard­ing a dog giv­ing birth on the side of the road and it was charged with lit­ter­ing. By this stage it was an open se­cret that this co­me­dian was just no good at all un­til he con­cluded with: ‘no mat­ter how much he pushed his en­ve­lope it was still sta­tion­ary’.

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