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1. How many of Aus­tralia’s six largest deserts are partly or wholly in West­ern Aus­tralia? 2. How many days are in 2017? 3. Which “pretty woman” played Tinker Bell in the 1991 movie Hook? 4. “Punter” was the nick­name of which for­mer Aus­tralian test cricket cap­tain? 5. Al Capone was the crime boss for seven years in (a) Bos­ton (b) Chicago (c) Los An­ge­les? 6. For the past three years, Bri­tish prime min­is­ter Theresa May has in­jected her­self three times a day as treat­ment for which dis­ease? 7. In 1969, which Aus­tralian-born me­dia chief bought Bri­tain’s largest tabloid news­pa­per, The News of the World? 8. In which re­cent movie did Mar­got Rob­bie play a crazed su­pervil­lain and for­mer psy­chi­a­trist? 9. In 1880, Jus­tice Sir Red­mond Barry sen­tenced which noted bushranger to death by hang­ing? 10. For­rest’s El­bow, Frog Hol­low and Hell Cor­ner are parts of the track for which ma­jor Aus­tralian car race? 11. Last sea­son, which Bris­bane Bronco be­came the most capped for­ward in NRL his­tory? 12. In the NATO pho­netic al­pha­bet, which word is used for “y”? 13. Al­fred No­bel was born in (a) Den­mark (b) Fin­land (c) Swe­den? 14. The Magna Carta was writ­ten in (a) English (b) Gaelic (c) Latin? 15. What is the term for the ob­ject passed by run­ners in a re­lay? 16. “When the bad times come and the four winds blow, I’ll be there for you – if you ever call,” are lyrics from which song? 17. What is 2017 in Ro­man nu­mer­als? 18. The Onyx River is the long­est river on which con­ti­nent? 19. In 1961, Aus­tralia’s Dr Wil­liam McBride warned of the dan­gers of which drug? 20. The name of which mar­tial art means “empty hand”? 21. A Bri­tish poll voted whose 1999 sin­gle The Mil­len­nium Prayer “the worst num­ber one song of all time”? 22. What is the term for the se­ries of Carthage-Rome wars, last­ing over a cen­tury, dur­ing the third and sec­ond cen­turies BC? 23. Which US self-taught chemist is cred­ited with in­vent­ing vul­can­ised rub­ber? 24. Na­tional An­them is the name of which coun­try’s na­tional an­them? 25. Which US hard rock band will bring its Not In This Life­time tour to Aus­tralia next year?

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