Make a tool peg­board

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TOOLS: ◗ Ear muffs

◗ 18V cord­less im­pact driver – skin only ◗ 13mm corded im­pact drill ◗ 1500mm box level ◗ 3m tape mea­sure ◗ Car­pen­ter’s pen­cil MA­TE­RI­ALS:

◗ Zinc-plated S- and J-shape peg­board hooks

◗ 900mm x 450mm peg­board ◗ Coun­ter­sunk head wood screws

All tools and ma­te­ri­als avail­able at Bun­nings.

◗ Step 1: At­tach the frame Use the ham­mer drill to drill a hole into the brick. In­sert “spaghetti” or a wall plug into each hole and pre-drill a hole in each end of the tim­ber. In­sert the screw through the tim­ber and into the hole in the brick, screw­ing it into place. Re­peat to fix each end of the top and bot­tom frame tim­ber to the wall.

Step 2: Insert­ing struts Mark where your peg­board will sit and po­si­tion the tim­ber struts us­ing your spirit level.

◗ Then drill through the tim­ber into the brick us­ing your ham­mer drill, mak­ing sure you drill into the cen­tre of the brick and not the mor­tar. Tap a piece of “spaghetti” through the hole then drill the rest of the holes for the struts and screw them into the wall.

Step 3: Mount your peg­board Mount your peg­board on the tim­ber us­ing 30mm chip­board screws. Make sure your frame is level with the edges of the peg­board. Add in more screws at the bot­tom.

◗ Handy Hint: If you have a par­tic­u­larly long peg­board, it’s a good idea to add some screws in the mid­dle as well.

Step 4: Mark your tools Place pegs into the holes in the peg­board and hang your tools. Once you have ar­ranged all your tools, use a black marker to draw around each one. This way you’ll al­ways know where to put them and if any tools are miss­ing.

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