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1. What was Alexan­der Gra­ham Bell’s sug­gested greet­ing for an­swer­ing the tele­phone (a) Ahoy! (b) What? (c) Talk? 2. Is the fast­net race an event in cy­cling or yacht­ing? 3. What does “o” stand for in the ex­pres­sion “stand­ing o”? 4. The Sun’s vol­ume is about how many times the Earth’s (a) one thou­sand (b) one mil­lion (c) one bil­lion? 5. Last year, Pres­i­dent Ro­drigo Duterte of the Philip­pines im­posed a na­tion­wide ban on (a) the in­ter­net (b) night­clubs (c) smok­ing? 6. Which of Santa’s rein­deer has a name con­tain­ing the let­ter “z”? 7. How many points are awarded for a suc­cess­ful free throw in bas­ket­ball? 8. In which coun­try is the Au­tostrada the roads form­ing the na­tional sys­tem of mo­tor­ways? 9. “Hey True Blue, don’t say you’ve gone. Say you’ve knocked off for a smoko,” are lyrics from which song? 10. Which two Scrab­ble let­ters are worth 10 points? 11. Name the most re­cent NRL mi­nor pre­mier to win the grand fi­nal. 12. Twit­ter co-founder Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet in (a) 1986 (b) 1996 (c) 2006? 13. Richie McCaw cap­tained the New Zealand team in which sport? 14. Is 27 a prime num­ber? 15. The first Miss World pageant was staged in (a) 1951 (b) 1971 (c) 1991? 16. Ban­ga­low is in which Aus­tralian state/ter­ri­tory? 17. Which Aus­tralian won the women’s marathon sil­ver medal in the Seoul 1988 Olympics? 18. Which US pop star was shot dead by his fa­ther in 1984? 19. In which 2016 movie did two West Texas brothers carry out a se­ries of bank rob­beries to save their fam­ily farm? 20. Which Happy Days star di­rected the 2001 movie A Beau­ti­ful Mind? 21. The “Hopetoun Blun­der” refers to the failed at­tempt by the gov­er­nor-gen­eral to ap­point which New South Wales pre­mier as Aus­tralia’s first prime min­is­ter? 22. The church nick­named St John the Un­fin­ished is in which city? 23. Aus­tralian land­scape pain­ter Arthur Stree­ton was a lead­ing mem­ber of which art move­ment of the late 19th cen­tury, also known as Aus­tralian Im­pres­sion­ism? 24. In 2015, which US su­per­star was banned from BBC Ra­dio 1 for be­ing “ir­rel­e­vant and old”? 25. What is the 13-let­ter Latin phrase on the ob­verse of the Great Seal of the United States?

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