Why you can’t get a great butt

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SO MANY peo­ple strug­gle to get a great-shaped butt in the gym or to look after their hips by de­vel­op­ing strong glute mus­cles (the short­ened name for gluteal mus­cles).

This say­ing ex­plains what com­monly holds the glutes back – you can’t fire a can­non from a ca­noe.

The glutes are the big­gest mus­cle in the body. We need them to stand up, walk and run.

They are also cru­cial for your lower back and hip health. They need to be strong. There­fore they need a sta­ble base to work from.

The sta­ble base we’re talk­ing about in this case is the pelvis. If the ab­dom­i­nal mus­cles aren’t work­ing well to an­chor the pelvis, your glutes would lit­er­ally wrench your pelvis around, caus­ing pelvic and spinal dam­age. Your body is smart enough to know not to fire a can­non from a ca­noe, so your glutes won’t work well.

So what’s the so­lu­tion? Sim­ple – cre­ate a bat­tle ship from which to fire your can­non.

At the Kaizen Cen­tre we com­monly find that when ab­dom­i­nal strength im­proves, glute func­tion does too.

There can also be some less ob­vi­ous prob­lems that we also see halt­ing progress from build­ing the per­fect booty.

Gut is­sues such as con­sti­pa­tion, di­ar­rhoea and bloat­ing can stop your ab­dom­i­nals from work­ing well. An in­flamed gut does not like to be squashed by con­tract­ing ab­dom­i­nals. Some­times you need to fix the gut to get the glutes.

We talked about some of the ex­er­cises we rou­tinely use to strengthen the ab­dom­i­nal mus­cles in an ear­lier ar­ti­cle. You can look these up on our Face­book page if you’re in­ter­ested.

Ex­er­cises to im­prove the func­tion and ap­pear­ance of your rear end in­clude squats, lunges and dead lifts.

While we love these ex­er­cises, it’s im­por­tant to re­mem­ber the glutes like to work in di­ag­o­nal and side­ways move­ments too, so we also in­clude these ex­er­cises in our pro­grams.

We’ll post some of these on our Face­book page to show you some of our favourite moves.

If you’re look­ing to build bat­tle­ships and can­nons to look after your hips or fill out your jeans, please email me at hamish@kaizenep.com.au.


YOU GOTTA LIFT: Glute and ab­dom­i­nal ex­er­cises will get you the butt you want.

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